The Colorado Cinco de Mayo soccer tournament will take place in different cities from May 1st to July 4 2024. It will include male and female teams of all ages:

6U (4v4)
8U (5v5 GK)
9U, 10U (7v7)
11U to 12U (9v9)
13U to 14U (11v11)
15U to 16U (11v11)
17U to 18U (11v11)
Men’s Gold Division (11v11)
Women’s Open (11v11)


All properly registered teams in good standing and compliance with the rules and bylaws of US Youth Soccer, USSF, and the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) are eligible to compete in the 2023 Colorado Cinco de Mayo soccer tournament. All youth teams and players must be registered with US Youth Soccer. All adult teams and players must be registered with a USASA-affiliated organization. Adult and youth players can obtain tournament passes through the Colorado Soccer Association (CSA).

For adults, no player will be permitted to play on more than one team during the tournament. For Youth a player can play in a different team if the team is in a different division and plays up to two age categories.